Sunday, April 26, 2009

Friday Night Happy Hour

Mallary had the brilliant idea on Friday that, since it was insanely nice out, we should go somewhere outside and get plastered. Luckily, happy hours were invented for this sort of thing.

We wanted to go see a Korean movie at E Street Cinema later that evening, so it was decided that we would find a bar in DC to drink at before the movie. I suggested Saint-Ex, since I've been meaning to go there for years and I know they have outdoor seating. However, they would not seat us outside unless we were eating dinner, and food there happens to be quite expensive.

So we ended up at Alero, a Mexican place on U Street. Iced margaritas on a warm day seemed like a good plan. And the U Street area has some of my favorite people watching of any other place in DC.

The plan was to order a pitcher, and finish it by the time we had to leave to go to the movie. Here are some pictures.

And here is a girl standing near the entrance of the restaurant, cradling a margarita pitcher. Mallary and I, for some reason, found this REALLY funny. Luckily, I was able to snap a picture. It wasn't until I was looking at it just now that I realized her margaritas are the same color as her shirt. I've gotta hand it to her. Color coordination is an important lesson to learn.

Since Mallary and I were both feeling the effects of about 3 margaritas each, and since we had some time to kill, we decided to walk all the way to the theater. Keep in mind, we were on U Street...walking all the way to E Street. That's almost an entire alphabet, isn't it? Nonetheless, it was a good way to sober up, plus we got to see a good chunk of the Shaw neighborhood, going down along 11th Street.

For instance, Shaw has a beauty parlor called the S&M Beauty Salon. Innocently named beauty shop or covert sex parlor/fetish dungeon? You be the judge!

It was a really nice walk though. I need to go to DC more, just to walk around and see what's on all the streets and corners that I've never taken the time to explore.

The slight downside to all this is that by the time we reached the theater, the movie we wanted to see was sold out. Oh wells.

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Megan said...

We must start exploring DC more!