Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let's Go Out Tonight: H Street Country Club

I always like to find new and crazy things to do in the DC area. So, when I heard word this past summer that they were opening up a bar on H Street in NE with skeeball AND put-put, I could not say no! Mallary and I paid it a visit way back when to test out their epic mini-golf course.
Behold, dear readers, I bring you...the H Street Country Club.

Why yes, you CAN drink while playing put-put at the H Street Country Club!

All of the obstacles on the course are from DC landmarks or reference DC history in some way. This one recreates the famous "Awakening" the likeness of former mayor Marion Barry.

These "lawyers" were particularly hard to get around.

Though, strangely enough, not as tricky as the Lincoln Memorial. Curse you, Lincoln Memorial and your deceptiveness!

And then, of course, there were the zombie presidents, arising from the grave.

And one mustn't forget the Iowa Jima painted on the wall...WITH actual plastic toy soldiers!

The "Mixing Bowl" they have here is just as treacherous as it is in real life!

Mallary and I survived the put-put course, unscathed and WAY over-par, and lived to see another day. And hopefully next time there will be an epic game of SKEEBALL.

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