Thursday, January 14, 2010

Top 5: Fleetwood Mac

Interesting fact about myself - Fleetwood Mac was my first favorite band.  I was 11 or 12.  My dad listened to them all the time and, as a result, I listened to them all the time too.  Other kids were listening to the Spice Girls (OK, I did too, but beside the point), which I was bouncing along to Rumors and Tusk.  Not sure why.  Maybe it was their harmonies, their catchy, funky, melodic tunes, Mick Fleetwood's beard, or my desire to marry Lindsey Buckingham (see my "Top 5: Weird Crushes" list).  A lot of it, I think, had to do with how much I loved Stevie Nicks.


Stevie Nicks had an amazing, unique voice - a little bit gravely, a little bit vulnerable, yet strong at the same time.  I loved her witch-y, mystical persona, her personal, other-worldly lyrics...and her shawls, of course.  It's still a childhood fantasy of mine to BE Stevie Nicks.  Minus the coke addiction and tendency towards having affairs with Mick Fleetwood and Don Henley.

But at any rate - here are my Top 5 Fleetwood Mac songs!

5. "Second Hand News" from Rumours

4. "What Makes You Think You're the One?" from Tusk

3. "Gypsy" from Mirage

2. "Rhiannon" from Fleetwood Mac

1. "The Chain" from Rumours


Megan said...

Okay, who is all for starting a new shawl trend?

Cause I'm on board.

Skye said...

Oooh, I just bought a pretty shawl-like thing! I'm in!

Your blog is the only one that assigns me homework! 5 videos to watch?!?! It's ok, your blog is also the only one that teaches me about music, and I am thankful because it seems I grew up knowing NOTHING about pop culture.