Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sláinte Mhaith!

Today was St. Patrick's Day, a good day to wear green, drink Guinness, and pretend to be Irish.  Silly as this sounds, it was a good excuse for me to get nostalgic and think back on Marianne and I's trip to Ireland last July.  It truly was an awesome trip.  Marianne sent me a bunch of her photos from the trip and I had fun looking through them.  Oh, the memories...

There was the time when I felt a weird cumpulsion to hide behind this post in Cork.  I am also amused that there's a sign on the post for an Easter Rebellion commemoration.

Oliver St. John Gogarty in Dublin
And then there was the time I partied with these statues at our hostel in Dublin.

Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge
And then there was the time I crossed that trecherous rope bridge in Carrick-a-rede.

Sin-e in Cork
And of course, at every bar we went to, Marianne and I declared it METAL.

Paddy's Palace in Belfast
At our hostel in Belfast with Kelly from Canada and Jean-Marc from Miami, who I liked because he loved Anthony Bourdain even more than I did.  He's a chef  and when I brought up Bourdain's book Kitchen Confidential, he exclaimed, "Oh my God, I read that book and thought, 'Holy shit, this is my life!'"  He also told me the night before that I was an "awesome girl" because I was the only one "not giving him shit".  The night before was pretty memorable, even though all that happened was a bunch of us hostel people hanging out in the back drinking vodka and beer.  I think a game of Kings was played.  Someone else got out a guitar and someone else played rap music and a bunch of people were talking and kicking a soccer ball around.  Oh, Paddy's, you were a weird and magical place.  I was possibly the only one not hungover in this photo, though I suppose it's hard to tell based on my facial expression.

Guinness Storehouse
And of course, what blog post about Ireland would be complete without the obligatory photo of a pint of Guinness?

At the end of each day, I took my Flip camera and recorded Marianne's final thoughts of the day, which we called our "Anthony Bourdain moment".  Here's my favorite one, at some fish and chips place in Dublin, the night before I was to fly home.


Skye said...

Aww, I miss Ireland too, even though I was only there for a total of a week over 2 separate visits! I was there on St. Patrick's Day in 2007!!! Sigh...

Love the pic of you with Guinness :)

And finally, omg, I need to implement the video at the end of each day habit when I travel. That is the best idea ever!!

Megan said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the guinness photo - the lighting, the bokeh, the composition - I seriously love everything about it.