Friday, June 4, 2010

Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog

I recently went to Alabama to visit my friend Corianne.


Another one of my friends from high school, Annie, also drove over from Atlanta to visit that weekend, and it was awesome to see her.

Corianne has the enviable luck of getting to live with this dog.  He's a hound dog.  And his name is Bernie.


Bernie, sadly, belongs to Corianne's roommate, but still. I'm jealous of anyone who gets to come home every day to those big, brown, hound dog-y eyes. And the floppiest of ears.


Those eyes...they just make you wanna give him snuggles and ice cream all day long.


I was sad to say goodbye to Corianne and Alabama upon my leaving. But I confess, I was also really sad to say goodbye to Bernie. The ears! So floppy!

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Skye said...

awww, he makes me want to cuddle!