Thursday, December 18, 2008


I thought I would take this oppurtunity to introduce you all to my two rats, Marlowe and Boaz. 'Cuz I think they're adoreable, even with their naked tails and such.

Here is Marlowe. He is the more cuddly and affectionate of the two. He doesn't seem to mind sitting in my lap and he'll lick me when I give him head scritches. He's also the first one to the door if he hears my voice (Boaz is kinda like "Whatever").

And here's Boaz doing what he does best...escaping.

He's always on the move. When he's not sleeping. He hates being held. But I love him because he's so spastic and the complete opposite of Marlowe. They're a cute Odd Couple.

I should also add that my rats have an interesting relationship with my dog. I've kept them apart for awhile because it seemed quite safe and logical. Shorty loves to play with the ferrets and gets along great with them, but I still thought he might see the rats as something edible. This is very much not the case. Shorty ignores the rats for the most part and likes to expend his energy by desperately trying to steal their food. Especially the vegetables. He's so weird.

And while I'm in a picture-posting mood, here's my favorite one of Shorty, my ridiculously cute Corgi.

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