Sunday, July 12, 2009

Top 5: Favorite Movies

I'm sure you all are on the edge of seats waiting for stories and photos from Ireland. But you'll just have to hang tight a little while longer. In the meantime, I'm been watching Current, which is a terrific channel. On it, they have the Rotten Tomatoes Show, which is like the TV show form. They bring on a celebrity every week to give their Top 5 favorite films. So, in case you were curious, here are mine. Despite the fact that I like and enjoy more "serious" film, if you asked me what would honestly be my five favorite movies...these would be it. Counting down!

#5 - Wayne's World
Hey, for movie based on a Saturday Night Live sketch, it actually works. Party time, excellent! it's not a perfect movie, by any means, but it's so much fun and has so many quotable lines. Which I'll spare you from now, because I like you. But really, the Alice Cooper cameo alone is reason enough to watch this movie.

#4 - Beauty and the Beast
As far as Disney movies go (pre-Pixar), I don't think you can find a better one than Beauty and the Beast. Told with sensitivity and heart, it's a beautifully crafted story with a good message. Also, the heroine is a book nerd, which I'm personally ALL for. And the Gaston song? AWESOME.

#3 - Quills
This movie has many things going for it. These things include 1) Geoffrey Rush, in a commanding performance, 2) Kate Winslet's cleavage (the rest of her is fantastic too), and 3) Joaquin Phoenix as a sexually frustrated priest. It's also a deliciously wicked and witty, as well as gruesome and disturbing tale of sexuality and censorship. Oh, did I mention it's about the Marquis de Sade? Yea.

#2 - Amelie
This is just an overall amazing movie, full of whimsy, romance, great cinematography and the adoreable Audrey Tatou.

# 1- Some Like It Hot
A classic. I could watch it dozens of times and never get bored. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in drag and Marilyn Monroe being her most...Monroe-ish. Could you ask for more? Also, rated AFI's #1 Comedy of All Time.

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