Thursday, July 9, 2009

Top 5: Female Rappers

Let's just admit it right now - it's a man's world out there. I was listening to some grime on the way home from work today, which got me to thinking about hip-hop/rap in general (which I admittedly, am not terribly knowledgeable of), which led me to the random thought of the role of women in rap. Which made me realize that I couldn't name very many female rappers/emcees off the top of my head. Which made me a little embarassed. I mean, isn't that sad? Because I know there are plenty of good ladies in hip-hop that probably don't get their due, with all the Kanyes and Lil Waynes out there. However, I was inspired to create this list. Because even in a very male-dominated musical genre, these ladies are BOSS. Therefore, I bring Top 5 Favorite Lady Rappers.

#5 - Shystie

Shystie is a grime artist from the UK, where she's toured with The Streets and also stars in a TV series called Dubplate Drama, which is all about how hard it is to be a bad-ass female emcee. Rumor has it she eats the testicles of Dizzee Rascal for breakfast every morning. Don't worry. He re-grows them. Like that Greek myth where Prometheus steals fire from the Gods and is punished by being chained to a rock and having a giant eagle eat out his liver every night.

# 4 - Queen Latifah
Sure, she hasn't been doing much musically lately, but she is and always will be The Queen. She's awesome enough that I'll forgive her for Bringing Down the House. Which, if you've ever seen it, hopefully you'll agree with me that it's a terrible terrible movie. Also "Ladies First" is the one of the best Girl Power songs of all time. Fo sho.

# 3 - Lady Sovereign
What can I say about Lady Sovereign? Another export from the UK, she is, by her own admission, "the biggest midget in the game". She's loud, in your face, rude, and could probably out-drink and out-swear your crazy, alcoholic Uncle Phil. Also, she might not have the biggest breast-esses but she writes all the best disses! There is something about her crassness that I find utterly captivating and strangely adoreable.

# 2 - MC Lyte

MC Lyte has been rapping since the late 1980s and was a pioneer for women in hip-hop. Many female rappers today probably owe her a great debt. She's a phenomenal lyricist. She also appears to have a blog, I've discovered! Check out "Ruffneck".

# 1 - Missy Elliot

Do I really need to explain this one? Nah, didn't think so. Instead of a brief explanation on why Missy Elliot is so frickin' awesome, I will instead offer this quote from my AP English teacher, Mr. Ketch:

"Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes need to get married and have babies. And those babies will be the best rappers EVER."


KT said...

i love this whole high fidelity top five thing you've got going...and as usual i have learned something important from reading your to get more music

Megan said...

So educational. Lindsey, you're like my yoda.

Skye said...

You couldn't name many, yet here are the top 5? Did it turn out you had tons in your music, or did you actually do all this research in one day? Either way, I'm very impressed!

Freyja said...

To answer Skye - I could think of maybe 10 female rappers off the top of my head. This list is just whittled down to ones that I'm pretty familiar with and actually enjoy.

There's also (off the top of my head):

Lil Kim
Yo Majesty
Foxy Brown
Da Brat