Monday, November 16, 2009


I've put off a post about Marlowe for a long time now, because I didn't feel up to it. On September 23, I had him put to sleep, after his pneumonia became too advanced to be treated.
I still miss you, Marlowe.

These are the last pictures I took of them, with the camera on my cell phone. He was naturally a cuddly, affectionate rat. In his last few months, however, when I would let him out of the cage, he would often want to come rest on my pillow or, if I was also laying on my bed, in the crook of my shoulder.


Megan said...

I still miss Marlowe - your room seems emptier without him.

Anna said...

Marlowe was a very special gentleman. I'm so sorry that you lost him.

Skye said...

You were such a good rat mommy and gave him a happy life.

I miss him too.