Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 5: Christmas Songs

Again, I've been horrible about posting. Sorry! However, I bring you, just in time for the holidays, a new Top 5 list! Here are my Top 5 favorite Christmas Songs! I'm also currently working on my yearly "Top 10 Albums of the Year" for 2009, so hopefully I'll have that finished before the end of the year.

Without further ado...!

5. "The Little Drummer Boy" - Bing Crosby and David Bowie
I think I've mentioned this before on my "Favorite Duets" list, but I just love this. There's nothing better than two legends singing a traditional Christmas song. And the banter before the song actually begins in this video is just adoreable.

4. "What's This?" - Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas
Does this count as a Christmas song, technically? I'm not sure. I do know though that the thing that I love about The Nightmare Before Christmas is that you can watch it around Halloween AND Christmas and it works pretty well for both holidays. However, I think this song is the most "Christmas-y" of the bunch. And you've gotta love lines like "There's children throwing snowballs, instead of throwing heads!"

3. "Santa Baby" - Eartha Kitt
God, do I miss Eartha Kitt. She was just awesome in every way. This song appeals to everyone's inner-materialist...which is, of course, appropriate for Christmas. But Miss Kitt also brings her own own unique brand of playful sexiness to the tune.

2. "White Christmas" - Bing Crosby
Hey, you can't go wrong with classic Bing Crosby. There's just something about this song that just feel so soothing and cozy.

1. "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" - John Lennon
This song is a great Christmas song. It's like...the exact opposite of Paul McCartney's Christmas song. It's somehow both hopeful and sad at the same time and the children's chorus gets me every time.

And now I invite you all to share your favorite holiday jams!

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Megan said...

Yay, I've missed Top 5 posts!
Also, completely agree with you - fantastically well done!