Sunday, December 27, 2009

Office Decorations

The last two years of college, I worked for the secetary of the University's Department of Psychology. I had a desk and a computer. Pencils, staplers, a scanner. You know, the usual stuff. There was a filing cabinet directly across from my desk, with this poster taped to it:

The poster was somewhat fitting in that office, seeing at how it was the Department of Psychology and all. And if you're a Psych student or professor, you clearly should know the signs of depression. Or even if you're not, I'm sure it's just a good thing to know. Weirdly enough, looking at it makes me nostalgic. It wasn't the most exciting job, but it was very non-stressful and I really liked working with kooky professors every day. I wish I could steal the poster to put it up on the wall of my office now. Since I dislike my current job so much, maybe I would just put it up there so I could keep tabs on myself, lest I develop the tell-tale signs of depression that these cartoon poster people have! Or perhaps I could just pretend I was back at the Psych Deptartment, alphabetizing scantron sheets and making copies of scholarly articles about weird behavioral experiments. Or maybe just pretend I was back in college again.


Skye said...

Awww... I miss my college job too sometimes. (Mostly because it was for no more than 4 hours in a row!) I love the poster. Nothing more motivating than putting up a poster to make sure your employees know if they are depressed!

Megan said...

I remember that poster!
I miss coming to visit you before class, checking out what's happening in the psych department - and I miss like crazy my own mdub dept job!
Maybe we can move back to Fredricksburg and try and make it permanent?