Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Rainy Afternoon in Ballard

Anna, Joh, and I recently returned from a trip to Seattle. 


One thing that people kept trying to tell us before we went was that Seattle, being in the Pacific Northwest and all, is quite damp.  Rains quite a bit of the time.  You think that this would've been quite obvious. 

This fact did not become apparent until we decided to trek all the way from our hostel in Belltown to Lunchbox Laboratory in Ballard, because we were craving burgers in a bad way.


I'd read about Lunchbox Lab and its mythically large burgers, so it seemed like the good place to go to satisfy our insane hunger.  Two things you should know about Lunchbox Lab, if you ever have a chance to visit - 1) It is quite popular, probably due to word-of-mouth about its mythically large burgers and 2) It is ridiculouslously small inside.  It can comfortably seat... maybe 10 people inside, rather than the 30+ who had showed up, looking for food. 

Since we had come a long way and had no other options, we decided to park ourselves in one of the two very damp tables outside to sit and eat.  So, after having dried off our seats and table as much as possible, we sat outside in the cold, drizzly air, and ate our burgers.


They were even bigger than expected.  Regretably, I only managed to down about 1/4th of mine.

After that, we trekked down to my friend's apartment, where we took in some of the neighborhood sights.


My favorite were these concrete couches.  Which I would've sat in if they hadn't been so darned DAMP.

Only these tree-clocks rivaled the concrete couches for neighborhood quirky-cuteness.

Also, can someone explain this playground to me?  So confused here.  I would've climbed on it to test it out, but again, you know...it was damp.  Soon after this point we found my friend's apartment and spent many hours there trying to get warm and dry again.  Overall though, it was a very good afternoon.

Stay tuned for further accounts of our Seattle adventurings!


Megan said...

It looks so interesting - I can't wait to visit Seattle.

Skye said...
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Skye said...

I don't get that playground either. Hey, someone should post a youtube video of how to use it! (ha ha)

KT said...

i now have every intention of building those couches in my yard, moving to seattle, and living secretly in the library as a phantom that haunts the escalator. i'll paint it a different neon color every night, so they wont want to kick me out.