Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, we did!

Everyone and their mother has been talking about the election all day, so I won't spend too much time ruminating on it. All I can say is that I'm so incredibly elated and so happy that we elected a president that I feel so positive about.

I was checked various blogs. Slog posted a few things and pictures of post-election festivities in Seattle and various places. DCist did some good coverage of what was going on in the District after the announcement that Obama won. A lot of the photos in the posts were taken around the intersection of 14th and U Street. I couldn't help but think that a little over 40 years ago, in that same intersection, people were rioting after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. The 1968 riots devastated large portions of the city, didn't even begin to recover until recently.

U Street, 1968

U Street, last night (2008)

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Zeul. She also posted the following video on her Flickr.

It's nice to see that maybe, maybe things have really changed for the better, that things are looking up.

It's all making me so teary eyed right now.

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Megan said...

Okay, weird hilarious fact. My dad asked me yesterday if I had watched Obama's acceptance speech and I said yes, and then my dad told me that when they broadcast it on the radio on his way to work he (who voted for McCain and thinks the world of O'Reilly) cried with happiness.