Sunday, February 8, 2009

Now on twitter! And other things...

I've been mostly against Twitter, since I don't really understand the appeal. However, after talking with Chrispy and realizing that it would be good to send updates from Seattle this weekend, I broke down and set one up. You can find it here and I also set it up to send updates to my blog here, which you should be able to read on the side bar over yonder. Which is convenient and will be helpful if you're lazy and don't feel like clicking that link.

I've been trying to set up some sort of itinerary for Seattle, trying to factor in things like convenience and mobility and activities that aren't weird to do alone. Ex-Wifey and I had a discussion over things that are weird to do alone. She concluded that going to the movies alone is VERY weird and that no one should do it. I disagreed, as I have been to several movies alone before. I admit, it can be a bit awkward, especially if the theater is a bit on the empty side. But, you know, sometimes it's just convenient and not all of your friends want to go see that weird documentary on inner-city marching bands that you want to see. I suppose it is weird though. However, I posed that I do not like going to eat alone. I guess I view eating as a more social activity than movie-watching. I am terrified this weekend at having to take all of my meals alone. I also feel there are degrees to which eating alone is weird and not weird. Having a coffee and a bagel at Einstein's/Starbucks/Panera while reading the paper? OK. Going to Applebee's by yourself and ordering a full meal and a cocktail? Seems a little odd. I dunno.
I'll have to plan accordingly, but travel books don't really have sections on "Restaurants That Aren't Awkward to Eat Alone At". Seattle does have an abundance of coffee shops though, allegedly, and tons of people go to coffee shops alone to sit with their lattes and their Macbooks and be all cool and elitist. Too bad I don't have a Mac.

What do you all think? What are things that you think are weird to do alone? And what things aren't weird? I'd like to know!

And now this.

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Megan said...

I think it is totally acceptable to eat alone. Women who travel for business do it all the time. Don't be intimidated, just bring a book!