Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Seattle in Snapshots: Day 3

And finally...to conclude the Seattle adventuring...Day 3!

Here we start at the Sunday market in the neighborhood of Fremont.

Some free music at the market.

Poor, poor moose.

I swear the cartoon drawing chick looks EXACTLY like my friend Nicotine.

I'm guessing they show outdoor movies here? Only explaination for the Casablanca graffiti.

More graffiti in Fremont.

The infamous Lenin statue, all decked out for V-Day.

A stoned cup of french fries in front of Deluxe Junk.

The legendary Fremont troll, which lives under the bridge.

Send in the clowns.

At the headquarters for Adobe.

The Waiting For The Interurban statue was also decked out for V-day.

After I finished exploring Fremonth, I hopped on a bus to Capitol Hill. After some searching, I managed to find this apartment complex, which was used as the apartment building from one of my favorite movies, Singles. Yes, I set out specifically to find this building. I am a dork. I'm somewhat jealous of the people who get to live here now.

Yes, I took a dorky picture of myself in front of it as well.

Obama pride is alive and well in Seattle.

Seattle Museum of Mysteries. I didn't go in, but I liked this gnome dude.

Aww, more churches should have big banners like this one.

At Twice Told Tales, a used bookstore in Capitol Hill. I thought Megan would appreciate this.

A Jimi Hendrix statue. Hendrix pride, woot!

Shawn Smith at the Showbox. Incredible.

Happy Chichester.

And, of course, the Gutter Twins themselves - Mr. Greg Dulli and Mr. Mark Lanegan.

I saw Mark Lanegan after the show, hurrying to catch a cab. He nearly ran me over. I would've said "Hi" and "Great show!" to him, but the man is honestly a little frightening.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this pictoral representation of my weekend in Seattle!


Smorg said...

Wow! I didn't know there is a statue of Lenin in Seattle! :oP That would be infamous indeed!

chrispy said...

So many statues! I'd heard of the troll, but I've never heard of the Lenin statue before now.

Freyja said...

I don't know the reason for the Lenin statue's existence there, but it's amusing nonetheless.