Monday, March 2, 2009

Songs For Winter

So, I'm home because there's a big pile of snow on my front porch and in my street. And the closed the off-ramps that I would need to take to get to work. However, they've finally gotten around to plowing my frickin' streets, so now I just feel like a wuss. Oh well. I, like many living around the District, am afraid of the snow.

I spent the morning listening to some podcasts of "A Prairie Home Companion" (Garrison Keillor's voice seems so much more soothing when there's snow outside) and then watching another episode of "The Wire" and then part of Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus on HBO. If you have a fetish for seeing Robert Downey Jr. covered in hair, which I do of course, then it's a good film to see.

But on to my pertinent topic of the day.

What are some songs that make you think of winter? I mean, besides the obvious ones like "Winter Wonderland" (which mostly makes me think of Christmas). I was thinking about this while listening to Fleet Foxes and noting on how so many of their songs had a wintery theme. For good examples, you can check out the aptly titled "White Winter Hymnal".

Give me your suggestions for songs to put on my winter wonderland mix tape!


chrispy said...

My dear, Garrison Keillor's voice is always soothing.

As for winter songs, I'm not sure I know any. I think that people often use music to forget about winter.

Megan said...

I have no winter songs...however, I did almost stay home from work today to watch How I Met Your Mother on dvd...make of that what you will.

Skye said...

Fountains of Wayne- Valley Winter Song

And how about that one we played on Rock Band at the toga party?