Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Secret Life of Peter Dinklage

Here's one of the many reasons I love Chrispy - we both harbor a secret crush on actor Peter Dinklage. I first began to dig him during his brief stint on the show Nip/Tuck as Marlowe (who was willing to go through some painful sounding limb-lengthening surgery so that Julia would want to bone him...oh Dinklage, you don't need to become taller to impress me!), then grew to love him even more after I saw the movie The Station Agent. He also had a recent guest appearance on 30 Rock as a potential love interest for Tina Fey, one that ended rather sadly and embarassingly. As most things on 30 Rock tend to do.

But anyhoo, now on to the meat of this post - I present you Chrispy and I's conversation earlier today about Mr. Dinklage.
Me: oh, sweet dinklage
Chrispy: the things I would do to him
Me: unspeakable things
Chrispy: but also fun
Me: oh yes, balloon-play is always
Chrispy: hahaha
Me: i'm trying to think of what weird fetishes peter dinklage might be into
Chrispy: vegetables - both produce and people in comas
Me: let's discuss peter dinklage's erotic proclivities some more
Chrispy: I want a where the wild things are costume
Me: oh my god, yes
Chrispy: max's monster costume
Me: who would wear it?
Chrispy: me
Me: of course
Chrispy: indeed
Me: but then what would peter wear?
Chrispy: the golden crown
Me: oh right, duh


chrispy said...

So fucking hot.

KT said...

so this entire thing has made me go from having minor crushes on both of you

to raging sting and the police-esque stalker obsessions with you both

and here i thought all the time while watching The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian that I was attracted to the now slightly older (and thus less pedophile innuendos to be associated with) Peter Pevensie. However it is obvious to me now that all of those sexual feelings were brought on my Trumpkin the grouchy dwarf with the heart of gold and the lightening fast reflexes with a scimitar played by none other than your own dear dinklage.

and by the way, where the wild things are....fuckin' right

chrispy said...

There's just something so rugged about him

...yet delicate.

Like the manliest flower.

I need a shower.

Skye said...

He's also vegetarian (according to wikipedia). Sexy!

Megan said...

I would love him for his name alone.

Freyja said...

I love Dinklage because he does seem rather pensive and thoughtful, yet there's no doubt that he could whoop your ass, if need be. Chrispy is right, he is like the manliest flower.

Freyja said...

Oh, and Skye, you should see his ad for PETA, it's adoreable! -