Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boston In 6 Hours Or Less

So, last weekend I took a trip to Boston. A friend of mine who is originally from Boston endeavored to send me on a trip through the city's most beautiful parts in an effort to convince me that it was "one of the most gorgeous places in the Western hemisphere". Thus, he created a "walking tour" for me, with precise directions and landmarks. Per his instructions, this walking tour was supposed to take around 4-5 hours. I was very excited about this. It seemed like a big adventure. Sort of like following a treasure map or going on a scavenger hunt, but on a grander scale. So, on my last day in Boston, I printed out his e-mail instructions, grabbed my map and guide book, and went on an epic walk through Boston. I started off at about 10:15 in the morning and got back to my hotel around 4:30. I suppose that's closer to 6 hours. But, you know, I'm a slow walker and very easily distracted by anything shiny. Luckily, I got back in enough time to catch my flight (which was delayed anyway). Here I'll give you a massive picture post of some of my favorite things from that walk. I'd give you a map with my route, but...I'm lazy.
Here is me at the beginning of the walk, after leaving the hotel. I would become much, much sweatier as the day went on.

My instructions told me to turn on this walkway here. First leg of this walk took me through the South End, which was a very pretty part of town.

If you zoom in on this picture, right after "watch", there is a picture of a growling tiger or cougar or some large, fanged cat. It wants you to watch for turning vehicles.

These stairs are frickin' gorgeous.

Eventually I found Union Park, which was small, but quiet and pretty.

I found this Syrian restaurant. It made me wish Megan was with me, so that we could get lunch there.

Somewhere around the corner of Dwight and Shawmut Ave (if you want to Google-map it) I found the entrance to this FABULOUS house.

Next I was to catch a bus at about the corner of Berkeley and Washington St. I saw this radioactive bunny sticker on the way.
The bus took me all the way downtown. There was a large gaping hole where I guess some tall buildings has been demolished. I was intrigued that the one building here still has one wall intact. I think the front said "Filene". Anyhoo, just thought it looked cool.

Happened upon the AWESOME Kung Fu Video right above the Discount Jewelry Exchange.

Found some musicians hanging out in front of the Borders across the street from the Old South Meeting House.

Soon after, I found myself around the Quincy Market. Which was uber-touristy, but did have this little boy with the most epic balloon hat ever.

Oh, and this Silver Woman.

Holocaust Memorial.

Somewhere around Beacon Hill, a torrential downpour started. I had to hide in a doorway for awhile.

Here is Pickney St and Louisburg Square. John Kerry apparently lives right about here. I didn't know which house on the block was his though.

On Charles Street, I found this cute little pharmacy that looked like it hadn't changed since the mid-1950s. My favorite part of this photo though (if you can make it large enough to see clearly) is the very unhappy baby that the man in the red shirt is holding. Poor child.

A close-up of of the windows of Gary Drug. Below these cute little bath toys it says "Designed by Experts...Mde by Craftsmen in England".

Soon after that, I crossed this awesome bridge over into the Charles River Esplanade.

I was charmed by this family of geese looking out over the Charles River.

After going over another bridge, I ended up back in the Back Bay. Around Commonwealth Ave, I found these people doing some kind of impromptu tightrope thing. I feel this is an activity we should pick up.

I wound my way a block or two up Newbury Street, where I was strongly encouraged to stop at JP Licks, apparently some of the best ice cream in the country. I had a flavor called "El Diablo", which was chocolate ice cream with cinnamon and cayenne pepper. It was unique and delicious, indeed. And the cow on their sign is so adoreable!
Eventually, I reached the end of my epic journey. What makes it even better is that at the very end, near my hotel, I found Waldo! Score!


Megan said...

What? I've never found Waldo. I'm totally jealous.

chrispy said...

That story had the best ending ever.