Monday, June 18, 2007

Back From the Desert

Does anyone actually read this thing? I never get any comments, even when I request them. And it makes me very very sad.

So we're back from the Sahara trip. Apart from the fact that I was deathly ill for most of it, it was really cool. I had some really bad...erm...bowel issues for the past two days and thus, got really dehydrated to the point where I couldn't walk much because I felt like I was going to pass out. Ustav and Linda (who works at ALIF) gave me some meds and made me drink many large bottles of this weird sugar/salt water stuff which tasted God-awful. It was really warm too and kind of tasted like nasty seawater. They forbade me from drinking normal, cold water. Nonetheless, it at least got me to the point where I could walk around a bit more. However, because I felt deathly ill, I couldn't ride the camels. Which pissed me off because it was something I had really wanted to do. I took a Jeep out with a few other people who couldn't/didn't want to take the camels and it took us to the campsite. The desert is seriously gorgeous. I was too sick or distracted most of the time to take many pictures, so I'll have to rely on other peoples. But yes, other that the sick, the desert was awesome. And at night, there are an INSANE amount of stars.

Back to homework.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your journal. It makes me feel like I'm a small part of your adventures. I've even given the link to a few friends to read.

I hope your feeling better and over the um squirts.

Miss you


Corianne said...

I read, it's just that I forget my google password every time, so it's a pain to sign in and comment.

I check multiple times a day, actually. Because I'm just that good.

Sorry to hear about your problems, must be 10x worse if you have to use a hole in the ground toilet.

Jennifer Sandberg said...

Hi Lindsey!
You sound like you are having a great time. I hope your tummy has gotten back to normal. Not good to be dehydrated in the desert.....

Linnea's mom

Linnea said...

Oh yes, and I told my mom, thus the comment above. I think my mom misses you too.

I enjoy reading of your adventures and travels. I am sorry to hear of your sickness, take care of yourself. The desert sounds like a sweet place to be able to see and experience.

I've been missing you!
hearts, Nea