Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tabdeel or Laa Tabdeel?

Yesterday was full of a few traces of life back in the states.

After our depressing morning class, Megan, her friend Skye (who's visiting) and I wandered around part of the Ville Nouvelle. We went to an awesome, very pretty cafe and got some weird kind of milkshake thing. It was delicious anyway. For lunch, we ended up at Walima's. I've only been in Fes for a week and I've ended up at this place three times already. I don't know how. But they always play the same American music when we go in. It's like the waiters spot us and say, "Oh, the Americans are coming, we need to bring out the Bryan Adams and Celine Dion!" Then the internet cafe that we went to afterwards was playing a lot of Hispanic music (which I've been missing, oddly enough) and pop and reggae.

After our afternoon class, one of my classmates said they were going to "the Arabic Wal-mart". We all got instantly excited, because I had no idea such a thing existed. It does. And it's called Marjane. And it's amazing. Strangely enough, I've missed though horribly American huge supermarkets that sell everything. Here, usually, if you want fruit, you have to go to the fruit vendors or something similar, the meat market for meat, and a tabaq for toiletries, snacks and other little necessities. Etc. It was nice to go where all these things were in one huge place. And the Marjane is really nice. Very clean and organized. But of course, crowded like a normal Wal-mart or Target is. Families shoving past trying to get diapers and things like that. I didn't check out the grocery section, but Megan told me you can get an entire lamb and manta rays. Wow. I just bought some flip-flops, laundry detergent, toothpaste, and a Haifa cd. But it was amazing.

Then we got home and watched the Arabic version of "Deal or No Deal?" The end.

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