Friday, June 15, 2007

Going to the desert

Yesterday, our family decided to make couscous for lunch. It was my first Moroccan couscous ever here and wow. Making couscous sounds like a very long, involved process but the result is quite delicious. Possibly the best meal I've ever had. No joke.

Also, my good old history professor, Nabil Al-Tikriti sent an email with more photos from the New Orleans trip. And it made me strangely homesick for New Orleans again. I really want to go back at some point, I've been thinking about that trip ever since I left.

And there's a boy outside this internet cafe selling pirated DVDs and if I wasn't such a good girl, I'd go snag a copy of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I'm sure it only costs like 2 or 3 dirhams too. Sigh.

I also discovered that Fridays here at ALIF are "Jullaba (sp?) Fridays". Meaning all the guys get pimped out in their newly bought jullabas. My friend Chris bought a few with his host family and wears them a lot now because apparently they're really practical and comfortable. I like to joke with him that his jullaba makes him look like a member of the KKK, because its white and the hood is all pointy.

All the Arabic students at ALIF, myself included, are going on a camping trip this weekend to the Sahara. Yup, we're gonna go sleep in the desert and ride camels and the like. So I'll be gone for a few days and thus, in the meantime, I'd like to present to you an oppurtunity to ask any questions you may have about life in Morocco and my experiecnes here and say. So yea...Q&A time. Leave your questions in the comments and I shall answer them when I get back.

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